Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life.

Hot Yoga Life offers contemporary yoga classes.We offer both hot, warm and no-heated yoga classes.  We believe in living a healthy and active lifestyle and want to help as many people as possible to incorporate yoga into their daily life.

Through regular practice at Hot Yoga Life, students can expect to see many benefits; physical, mental and spiritual. With regular practice you may experience some of the following benefits:

•    Increased flexibility
•    Increased strength
•    Strengthen bones
•    Stretch and tone muscles
•    Improved sleep
•    Increased awareness/concentration
•    Weight loss
•    Improved breathing
•    Decreased stress/anxiety levels
•    Improved mental wellbeing

Our classes are designed to cater for the beginner right through to the more advanced yogi.  We offer small, friendly, and personalised yoga classes.  The studio at Hot Yoga Life is heated to 35 degrees in the HOT yoga classes and 28 degrees (just above room temperature)  in the WARM yoga classes and the heaters are left off for the non-heated classes.  There will be some variations with the temperature, but we will do our best to regulate the room to meet these temperatures.

The heat in both the warm and hot classes can help  you to work deeper and safely into your asanas (yoga postures) as the muscles begin to warm and lengthen. The heat also helps to promote the detoxification process in the body. As the body warms up, we begin to sweat. Heavy sweating is said to flush the toxins from the skin. The heat also elevates your heart rate, which makes your body work harder.


Hot Yoga Life is located on the fourth floor within the Adelaide Meridian Hotel, Melbourne Street, North Adelaide.

Please enter into the hotel via the reception and either make your way up the stairs to the top floor, or catch the lift to level 3 and then use the stairs to the top floor. The friendly hotel reception staff are there for assistance if you are unsure.

Hot Yoga Life studio doors will open at least 15 minutes before class starts.

Toilets can be located on the ground floor of the hotel. Please note, we do not have shower facilities available.



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